Mercy and Grace: Jim’s Journey out of Mormonism to true faith in Christ

This is an email I received from Jim. We have corresponded back and forth several times. This is a condensed version of his story of first becoming a Mormon, then receiving faith in the true Christ found in God’s Word. Plus, sharing about the challenge of sharing God’s Word with his family.

“I grew up Baptist but never had the gospel explained to me properly. I went to church every week and to a Christian summer camp every year. I loved the Lord but did not really understand the gospel nor my sinful nature. Each year at camp kids would run around saying “I am saved” and I had no idea what they were talking about. Years later, when the Mormon missionaries came knocking on my door, I took the lessons and was deceived due to my lack of biblical study and understanding. It was completely my fault.

My family moved from Salt Lake City to a smaller town in Utah while I was in the 5th grade. Until we moved, my friends really didn’t care what religion I belonged to. Now, in a small community dominated by Mormons, nobody would play with me for a long while. The only ones that did were not the strong LDS types.

While in high school I had lots of close friends who were strong Mormons. I eventually took the discussions offered by the missionaries and joined the church. I got married to a Mormon girl and we have three kids. My wife and I were sealed for time and eternity in the American Fork, Utah temple.

Shortly after I was married, a man I was working for witnessed to me about the fallacies of the church. He told me some crazy stuff about Joseph Smith and I promptly quit the job. I still had no idea of what it really meant to be saved. All I knew was that sinners that were really bad went to hell but everyone else would go to heaven.

It was not until several years later, I came across a ministry that shared about the true teachings of the Bible. It was in God’s Word where I saw my depravity and knew I deserved to be ground to dust on judgment day and cast into the lake of fire forever. I then understood the awesomeness of our God to stoop down from his throne and die for me. He loved the world so much that he sent His Son to die in my place. I still can’t wrap my head around the depths of why He would do this for me, but I am so grateful for His mercy, and love.

About two months later I woke up praising God as to how great He was and how kind He was to let me live on such a beautiful world. I was halfway to work when I realized what had happened. It was like a light bulb went off. I then had a strong craving for His Word and suddenly it came alive to me. I never liked Christian music before but now I couldn’t get enough.

I was driving my family crazy for a while but have learned to tone it down and turn it from preaching to teaching. Wow a big change now; with the Lords help I have been able to make huge inroads to my family. It’s all in baby steps. I talked with my wife about starting a Bible study about forgiveness and she said yes. That is HUGE!

I have praised God so many times and beg him for patience and discernment to know when to stop or slow down to not shut them off to His word. I know I can’t move to fast or I will lose them. The Lord has let me learn that as I try to take over from His teaching, I mess it all up, so I need to pay attention and keep it simple. I have read so much and listened to so many things it starts to swim in my head. Now I am trying to get back to the Bible and only the Bible and use His word. It’s the only way. I am rock solid in my faith in Christ, the Bible being the inerrant Word and completely trustworthy. And I know where I am going when I leave this earth, only on the shed blood of Christ my King and LORD God by His grace and mercy for me.

I still belong to the Mormon Church and attend its services even though I no longer believe in its teachings and have become a Christian. The people at the Mormon Church do not know that I don’t believe in it anymore. Some are aware that I know the Scriptures (Bible) decent but I don’t believe they know my true feelings. I do try to fit in stories of how Jesus helps me realize that I am completely bankrupt without him and I must completely rely on Him for everything. If I share my true feelings I run the risk of losing my family — and I can’t risk that. So, in the meantime, I share God’s Word with my wife and children and pray that as a family, we will all come to the true faith of the real Jesus Christ.”


2 thoughts on “Mercy and Grace: Jim’s Journey out of Mormonism to true faith in Christ

  1. Wow ! This is so powerful to me! I am baptist , my husband is mormon. I have been trying to share the gospel with him. I don’t want to shut him away. Starting slow and let God do the speaking is the best way. I just don’t know how to begin. I guess prayer is the best way

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